2015. május 18., hétfő


Dear punks/crustis/hardcore guys in Germany/Checz Republic/Netherland/Poland/Ukraine. We planing our next tour (2th September 12th September) to with our fellas GROSS X OUT / ÖNKIIRTÁS and we would need so me contacts to you. If somebody can help us, or knows anybody who can help us on our way please drop a message / leave a comment here or send a mail to via
P I Z Z A dot D A Y S R E C O R D S @ G M A I L dot COM etc... thanks & up the punx

2015. április 6., hétfő

Orbán Népe 12" split with/NORMS-RÁKOSI-DISKOBRA

We uploading a new song from our upcoming 12" split what we share with 3 amazing hungarian bands. The record will be out late in this summer on Permaculture Records. On the 04th July will be a record realese show where this 4 band will play. Check it out!!

Csumi Viktor!

2015. január 20., kedd


Hey. We are still alive and after this big puase we plan to have a couple of gigs in the course of the next couple of months. On top of that we are recording our new songs for the ORBÁN NÉPE 12" 4 way split. This amazing LP will be released by the almighty Permaculture Records (http://permaculturerecords.blogspot.hu/) with Rákosi/Norms/Diskobra.